Rikus Strauss

Albert Minaar

Rikus Strauss

After completing high school in 2014, Rikus started his studies at the Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute (PALI).

In 2015 he starred as the lead Eric in the musical “Once Upon A Song” and was also the sound designer for the theatre production “Kos en Liefde op Wiele”.

In 2016, he had a cameo performance in the Afrikaans film “Jou Romeo” and he portrayed the role of Sebastian in the theatre production “Dalk”, as well as the role of Stuart in the play “Who Needs Therapy”.

He had roles in 2017 in two short plays, namely as Henry in “#OneBulletOnePolititian” and as The Captain in “Yo Ho”.

After Rikus completed his studies at PALI with a Diploma in Visual and Performing Arts, he starred as Bobby in the play “Plekke” and managed to secure the role of Tjattas in “7de Laan”.

In 2018 he starred in the short film “The Defining Moment” as the lead character, Matthew Cole, and he also had the lead in a short film “Vision” and as Clay Blackwood in “The Fork In The Road”.

He returns to “7de Laan” in 2019 and makes an appearance in the new kykNET series, “Tydelik Terminaal”. In the same year he plays the role of the villain Zahar in Oak Youth Theatre’s “Aladdin”.

Albert Minaar (28)

Albert is a mother-in-law’s dream. He is kind, soft-natured and has a good sense of humour with a tendency to be slightly wacky at times. He has an office job and he usually can’t wait to return to Konettie to see the love of his life, Stephanie.