Marguerite van Eeden

Mardaleen Coetzer

Marguerite van Eeden

Marguerite van Eeden is an artist who has, despite her youth, attained a lot of experience. She’s been an actress from a young age and was therefore fully able to embrace her acting career with her breakout performance in “Vaselinetjie”.

She has since featured in notable productions, such as “Sara se Geheim”, “Die Byl”, “Waterfront”, “Fynskrif”, “Somerkersfees” and now “Vergeet My Nie”. Her sights are set on excelling in the South African film and television market; and Marguerite aspires to work in the international arena too.

One to watch as she tackles this tough industry with the grace and professionalism one would typically expect of a much older actress, she is garnering fans and acclaim with every performance.

Mardaleen Coetzer (22)

Mardaleen is a striking BA Communication student in Potchefstroom, is strong-willed, but also sensitive and fanatically plans, controls and organises her and the lives of those around her. She finds solace in poetry, literature and the finer things in life that give her a sense of self as well as an attentiveness to culture.

She wants to make something of herself in the world and therefore “escapes” the small town of Potchefstroom. Despite her disdain for the mundanities that accompany a “res”-lifestyle she makes the best of these traditions such as midnight hostel singing events, dances, snobbish prims, cramming sessions and Springbok shooters at Bourbons. The only person who makes the PUK bearable is her high school sweetheart Braam.

As Mardaleen does not easily trust other people, she usually does everything herself. She is proud of herself that she single-handedly arranged everything for their two-year stay in London. Mardaleen is the type of person who feels satisfied and safe as long as she knows that everything is under control – nothing should fall outside the given lists and planning frameworks. As long as there aren’t any surprises…

When she arrives in London, it’s better than any travel book could describe. A bustling city with lights, opportunities and people with ambition – everything that Mardaleen’s idea of Potch isn’t – small, limiting, suffocating.

London offers Mardaleen a new kind of life, and although she welcomes the change, it is not without the condition of her lists. She values honesty and faithfulness, and above all else, complete devotion in love.