Leché Joubert

Stephanie Klopper

Leché Joubert

Leché graduated from The Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute (PALI) in 2018 under the guidance of Shareen Swart, Kaz McFadden and André Velts, to name a few.

After starring in numerous short films such as, “Acetone”, “I Literally Died” and “Punteskaal”, she landed her first role in 2019 in the feature film “Vergeet My Nie”.

Besides her love of film, she enjoyed performing in numerous theatre productions, such as “Balance”, “The Bridal Party”, “Rumour Has It” and “70 Grade Sterker” as well as writing and directing a few of her own shows.

Leché is also an acting coach for the PALI Youth division, where she gets to train young talent and help them expand their creative horizons.

Stephanie Klopper (27)

Stephanie has a quiet nature and attitude with strong values. She is Albert’s one true love and works as a saleslady at a department store in London. She lives with Albert at Konettie.