Arno Greeff

Braam Malherbe

Arno Greeff

Arno Greeff is one of the most experienced actors under 25 in South Africa. Since starting his professional career at the age of 18, he has starred in eight films, has been in four soapies, with more than 300 episodes under his belt, and has appeared in two television series.

In addition to acting, he directed and shot a travel show for TV and is a presenter for one of the longest-running shows on DStv.

Recent work includes the kykNET series “Tydelik Terminaal”, the film “Vergeet My Nie” and the Netflix series “Blood and Water” releasing on the international platform April 2020.

Braam Malherbe (22)

He is Mardaleen’s high school sweetheart and boyfriend with a Bon Jovi perm, a preference for turtlenecks and a Tommy Hilfiger-inspired wardrobe. He cheats and smokes and lies about it.