Pietie Byers

Dieter Engelbrecht

Pietie Byers

“I want to make people feel better. I’m an actor and a creator,” says Pietie Beyers.

Pietie recently wrote, co-produced and starred in the South African feature film, “Skemerson”.

Apart from his role in “Vergeet My Nie”, he’ll also be seen in two other feature films that will be released in 2020, namely “Meisies Wat Fluit” and “Wesens”.

He is also a voice artist for radio dramas and is the co-host of the podcast, “So loop hy maar die lewe en so”.

Dieter Engelbrecht (27)

Dieter has sharp features, hair that always flops in his face and wears old-fashioned spectacles which makes him slightly more attractive. He’s often seen wearing a 90s windbreaker or his cousin Hugo’s down feather jacket.

He’s a gentle giant, who enjoys kidding around, but he’s a stickler for the rules.Dieter is in charge of the finances of Konettie since he lives there too.