André Velts


André Velts Director

André Velts isn’t only an actor who specialises in TV, film and theatre, he is also a producer and a well-known director. In 2006 he got his first international role in the film “The Raven” and also played in the international action film “Tunnel Raz” in 2007.

After that he also performed in the film, “Bloedspoor” and in TV dramas and soaps, such as “Generations”, “Donkerland”, “Bloedbroers”, “Sterlopers”, “Villa Rosa” and “Getroud met Rugby”.

He produced the film “Koringberg”, which made him realise that’s where his passion lies. André immediately started working on the development of the film, “Knysna”, as producer and director. André is also the director of the films “Die Pro”, “Jou Romeo”, “Raaiselkind” and “Vergeet My Nie”.

Last year, André was part of a 13-part series of TV films for Deon Opperman Productions. He directed eight of the films.